Inno Setup 5.3.9 + Rus

Inno Setup 5.3.9 + Rus

Inno Setup - программа для создания инсталляционных пакетов. Созданный утилитой инсталляционный файл какого-либо приложения, позволяет при его установке считывать и записывать данные в реестр и в конфигурационные INI-файлы. Тут имеется возможность регистрации библиотек и ActiveX компонентов, а также запуск внешних программ. Кроме того, в утилите есть опция создания типов установки, например, таких, как: полная установка, минимальная, выборочная и т.д. В Inno Setup присутствуют настройки, где можно определить возможность появления диалога Приветствия при запуске устанавливаемой программы. Для удобства работы здесь присутствует функция создания резервных копий инсталляционных проектов при их изменении. Справочная система утилиты достаточно хорошо расписана и подкреплена примерами.

Основные возможности:

* Support for all versions of Windows in use today: Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, 2000, Me, 98, 95, and NT 4.0. (No service packs are required.)
* Extensive support for installation of 64-bit applications on the 64-bit editions of Windows. Both the x64 and Itanium architectures are supported. (On the Itanium architecture, Service Pack 1 or later is required on Windows Server 2003 to install in 64-bit mode.)
* Supports creation of a single EXE to install your program for easy online distribution. Disk spanning is also supported
* Standard Windows 2000/XP-style wizard interface
* Customizable setup types, e.g. Full, Minimal, Custom
* Complete uninstall capabilities
* Installation of files:
* Includes integrated support for "deflate", bzip2, and 7-Zip LZMA file compression. The installer has the ability to compare file version info, replace in-use files, use shared file counting, register DLL/OCX's and type libraries, and install fonts
* Creation of shortcuts anywhere, including in the Start Menu and on the desktop
* Creation of registry and .INI entries
* Integrated Pascal scripting engine
* Support for multilingual installs
* Support for passworded and encrypted installs
* Silent install and uninstall
* Full source code is available (Borland Delphi 2.0-5.0)

What's New in This Release:

* For better appearance on Windows 7 and Vista when ClearType is enabled, Tahoma is the new default font used by Setup and Uninstall. A new [Setup] section directive DefaultDialogFontName has also been added to make it easy to override the default dialog font for all languages that do not have a custom DialogFontName setting. If you would like to revert to the dialog font used in previous versions of Inno Setup (Microsoft Sans Serif if available, else MS Sans Serif), set DefaultDialogFontName to an empty string (DefaultDialogFontName=).
* Added new [Setup] section directive: DisableWelcomePage to hide the Welcome wizard page. Doing so is recommended by the Aero wizard guidelines. Additionally, the ShouldSkipPage event function is now also called for wpWelcome.
* When Setup is not running silently, the Ready To Install wizard page now ignores attempts to skip it when no other wizard page before it has been shown yet.

Added LZMA2 compression support:

* Updated the LZMA SDK compression code to version 9.10 which adds support for LZMA2 compression. LZMA2 is a modified version of LZMA that offers a better compression ratio for uncompressible data (random data expands about 0.005%, compared to 1.35% with original LZMA), and optionally can compress multiple parts of large files in parallel, greatly increasing compression speed but with a possible reduction in compression ratio. LZMA2 compression may be activated by setting the Compression [Setup] section directive to lzma2, and lzma2 is now also the default value.
* Added various new [Setup] section directives with names that start with LZMA to fine-tune LZMA and LZMA2 compression parameters, including LZMADictionarySize which allows the LZMA dictionary size to be increased up to 256 MB from the previous maximum of 64 MB. Review the memory requirements listed in the Compression topic before using.
* Tweaked the JMP/CALL instruction optimization algorithm for slightly better compression of executable files. (On Inno Setup's own installer, this saved about 2 KB.)
* Improved compression of x64 executable files: just like for x86 executable files, JMP/CALL instruction optimization is now performed for x64 executable files. On average, this will reduce the compressed size of x64 executable files by 2-3.
* [Setup] section directive DiskSliceSize can now be set to max, and max is now also the default value.
* Windows 7 change: The Compiler IDE is now pinnable. Also, files that are opened via the Welcome dialog, MRU list, and drag & drop now get added to the Jump List.

Windows 7 and Vista changes:

* Before deleting a pinned shortcut, Uninstall now automatically removes it from the current user's Start menu pinned list and on Windows 7 also from the taskbar.
* Changed the icon that is shown on Select Start Menu Folder wizard page. Previously, it used the same icon as the preceding Select Destination Location page, but that was never really the intention.
* When Setup and Uninstall respawn for elevation, any SUBST'ed drives in the EXE filename are now expanded before the respawn, since the elevated user will not retain the original user's SUBST mappings. Fixes error seen when starting Setup from a SUBST'ed drive.
* Setup now uses the SHA-1 algorithm instead of MD5 for file checksums and various internally-used hashes.
* Pascal Scripting: Added support functions GetSHA1OfString, GetSHA1OfUnicodeString, and GetSHA1OfFile. QuickStart Pack: Added ISPP functions GetSHA1OfString, GetSHA1OfUnicodeString, and GetSHA1OfFile.
* [Icons] section parameter AppUserModelID is now also used on Windows Server 2008 R2.
* In Setup's version info text fields, "(C)" is now automatically replaced with real copyright symbols ("©").
* Unicode Inno Setup: Added workaround for upstream Delphi bug that could cause Setup (versions 5.3.6 to 5.3.8) to display a "Stream read error" error message at startup on Windows 2000 systems that did not have Service Pack 4 installed.
* Compiler IDE change: the Tools | Configure Sign Tools... dialog now allows editing of existing Sign Tools.
* The uninstall program's version is now 51.(10)52.0.0.
* Minor tweaks.

Год выпуска: 2010
ОС: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Язык интерфейса: Русский
Лекарство: Не требуется
Сайт программы:
Размер: 2.1 Мб

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Inno Setup - программа для создания инсталляционных пакетов. Созданный утилитой инсталляционный файл какого-либо приложения, позволяет при его
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