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Flying Logic Professional v1.2.2

Flying Logic Professional v1.2.2

Flying Logic – это инструмент для талантливых мыслителей, независимо от того, хотите вы изменить вашу личную жизнь к лучшему, или вырастить бизнес мирового класса, который будет влиять на тысячи или миллионы людей.

Flying Logic - Fast, Beautiful, and Truly Compelling Plans If there is anything in your life, business, or organization that needs improvement? Flying Logic is a highly visual, easy to use software application that does for reasoning what spreadsheets do for numbers. Just as you would not do detailed financial projections in your head, you need Flying Logic for all nontrivial planning and reasoning endeavors.
* Theory of Constraints (TOC) Diagrams
o Intermediate Objectives Maps
o Current Reality Trees
o Future Reality Trees
o Evaporating Clouds (Conflict Resolution Diagram)
o Prerequisite Trees
o Transition Trees
o Strategy and Tactics Trees
* Influence Diagrams
* Causal Loop Diagrams
* Concept Maps
* Belief Networks
* Flowcharts
* ...and more!

The Flying Logic Advantage
Project management software won't help you when you have no idea what part of a complex system needs improvement, or what that improvement might look like, or how to cause that improvement. Answering these questions is a critical and often-overlooked part of the planning process, and this is where Flying Logic shines. Flying Logic diagrams are not static images— they are working models of your reasoning that you test as you build and that stay "live" as you share your reasoning with others.

Make Your Thinking Fly
Our unique, patented interface allows you to focus on what your diagram means, instead of how to lay it out. Flying Logic takes care of all the layout and formatting details: you spend your time thinking about your plan!

The Many Uses of Flying Logic
Flying Logic provides great support for a wide range of activities that demand clear and complete thinking:
* Strategic planning
* Competitive analysis
* Course of Action Analysis (COA)
* Process improvement (Six Sigma, Lean, Constraints Management)
* Project management
* Writing
* Public speaking
* Studying and teaching critical thinking
* Life coaching
* Personal improvement

Операционная система: Windows
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Размер: 38,62 мб
Лекарство: присутствует
Домашняя страница: flyinglogic.com

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