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MusicLab RealGuitar 2L with key and 2.1 Updater for Win2K and XP

27 январь 2010, Среда
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MusicLab RealGuitar 2L with key and 2.1 Updater for Win2K and XP

Лучшая VST гитара без вопросов! Содержит набор паттернов разных стилей в большом количестве!

If you are serious about creating truly realistic sounding solo and accompaniment guitar stuff for your songs, our new product called RealGuitar is just what you need. RealGuitar is a sample-based virtual instrument with an innovative approach to guitar sound modeling and guitar part performing on keyboard.

The true power of RealGuitar lies in 3 brand new technologies incorporated in this innovative guitar performance tool:
New multi-channel layering technology, incorporating a custom library of specially recorded samples taken from every fret of all 6 strings of a real guitar.
The unique Floating Fret Position technology, which imitates change of fret position of a guitarist's hand on the neck. This gives you the possibility of playing on up to 104 guitar frets using just 43 keys of a standard keyboard!
Our original Guitar Touch technology letting you easily imitate basic guitar techniques (strumming, plucking, sliding, bending, muting, etc..), using standard MIDI keyboard and MIDI controllers, such as Pitch Bender, Modulation Wheel, Sustain Pedal, Aftertouch.
These technologies allow to closely emulate live guitar sound and techniques, letting you perform guitar parts with a whole new level of realistic expression. Furthermore they made it possible to get that special recognizable sound of a real 12-string guitar using samples taken from an ordinary 6 string guitar, as well as to achieve true Doubling (double track) effect.

RealGuitar 2L version is equipped with powerful Pattern Manager allowing to use MusicLab Guitar Pattern Library for easily creating guitar accompaniment tracks. All you have to do is to find the appropriate rhythm pattern[s] in the Pattern Manager tree view, copy it to the needed number of measures, start your sequencer and use MIDI keyboard to play chord changes, or alternatively add chords to a MIDI track via sequencer's editor.

RealGuitar features:

World famous guitars
High quality guitar samples
Every fret of all 6 strings including up/down/muted strokes sampled
New multi-channel sample layering technology
InFace sound concept
True Doubling (double track) effect
Built-in EQ and FX (Stereo Tremolo, 2-way Chorus)
Custom 32-bit sound engine

Solo, Harmony, Bass&Chord, Bass&Pick, and Chords modes
About 2000 instant guitar chords + up strum, down strum, up/down muted strum, slow strum chords
1-4 note chords to 6-voice guitar strums real-time translation
26 chord types recognition, including 7th, 9th and altered chords, in any inversion and voicing
Slash Bass Chords option - allows to perform major/minor triads with any note in the bass (including its own III, V (and Root of course))
Legato Chords option - allows to sustain note(s) on chord change if the same note(s)/string/fret is being triggered in the previous chord
Automatic Fret position change
Strum speed adjustable
Repeat Key zone (for performing repetitions, tremolo, up/down/muted strums)
Velocity Switch articulations (slow strum, slide up/down, bend, reverse bend,)
Key/Pedal Switch guitar effects (harmonics, mute, palm mute, body smacks, tremolo)
Hammer-on, Pull-off
Hammer-on with automatic Pull-off on key release
Legato Slide (up and down) - automatic slide between any two pressed notes
Tremolo - automatically repeating the released note(s) to easily perform tremolo technique
4 Key Switch FX keys (C1, C#1, D1, D#1) let you assign and use up to 4 various guitar effects in the same performance
Polyphonic controllers (applying Pitch Bender, Modulation Wheel, AfterTouch to individual voices)
Automatic Fret Noise and Release Noise

Pattern Manager (available only in 2L version):
RealGuitar is now equipped with powerful multi-functional built-in Pattern Manager letting you use RG MIDI Pattern Library for creating guitar accompaniment parts in the whole new and convenient way:
Complete RG MIDI Pattern Library (1250 rhythm patterns)
Pattern Tree view, allowing to find/select rhythm patterns right from RealGuitar
Pattern view, graphically presenting guitar 'Strokes' contained in the current rhythm pattern (differently colored 'Piano Roll' type bars allow to easily visualize Up/Down, Up/Down Muted, Slow Strums, individual string Strokes, etc...)
Auditioning selected pattern by simply pressing chord on the external keyboard without starting your host sequencer, even with RealGuitar standalone run
Total synchronization with host's tempo, start/stop, beats, loop, time signature...
Drag'n'Drop selected pattern from Pattern window right to your host's MIDI track (pattern is automatically multiplied by the assigned number of measures)
Real time pattern arranging (dramatic changing pattern performance on the fly):
Add/reduce dynamics (velo+)
Randomize dynamics
Apply velocity of trigger chord to pattern dynamics
Continuous dynamics changes (+/- velocity assigned to Pitch Bender controller)

RealGuitar includes 555 MB sample set featuring 8 Acoustic guitar patches:
Steel Picked
Steel Fingered
Nylon Picked
Nylon Fingered
Steel 2 Picked
Steel 2 (Doubling)
Steel Stereo 290MB

Operates as a virtual instrument software plug-in in all major hosts like Logic, Cubase SX, Digital Performer, Sonar, FruityLoops
Works as a Standalone module

Системные требования / System requirements:
512MB RAM (1GB+ recommended), 1.2GB+ free hard drive space
PC: Windows 2000 SP4/Windows XP SP3/Windows Vista SP2/Windows 7, 1GHz Pentium 3 (2GHz+ P4 recommended), VST 2/DXi host.
Mac: Mac OS X 10.4/10.5/10.6, G4/G5 800+ MHz or Intel Core Solo/Duo, VST 2/AU host.
RTAS support is available in ProTools 6/7/8 via FXpansion's VST to RTAS adapter 1/2.

Год выпуска / Release year: 2006
Сайт / Homepage: http://www.musiclab.com/products/realgtr_info.htm
ОС / OS: Windows Win2K and XP
Язык / Language: English
Лекарство / Activation/Crack/Serial/etc: присутствует / present
Размер / Size: 565.19 Mb

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