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Eclipse Orchestrator Pro v3.1.2

15 январь 2010, Пятница
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Eclipse Orchestrator Pro v3.1.2

Eclipse Orchestrator Pro - это программное обеспечение позволяет управлять камерами во время солнечного затмения так, чтобы Вы могли свободно сконцентрироваться на наблюдении солнечного и лунного затмений визуально.

Scripted control of your cameras and more from your laptop. Perfect for situations where photos must be taken on time, every time. Includes eclipse circumstance calculations and GPS support! This software controls cameras during a solar eclipse so that you can be free to concentrate on observing the event visually. Preprogram all exposures using our handy script wizard customized for your exact coordinates and camera. Enter your latitude/longitude coordinates and the software will automatically calculate local circumstances for you. Then, all camera actions can be timed in reference to these specific eclipse events. All features are optional, so the program can be used for as little or as much as desired.

Software features:
* Script Generation Wizard. Free version generates scripts to photograph Diamond Ring and corona. Pro includes 8 additional phenomena.
* Script editing and customization inside application.
* Satellite terrain map. Umbral path, moving shadow, zone of longer duration. Resolution up to 500m/pixel.(Pro only)
* Customizable main screen data display. Map, simulated view & countdown in separate, resizable windows.
* Support for smaller "netbook" screens 800x480 and larger.
* Scriptable intervalometer function, including "ending at" feature.
* Scriptable command lines. (Pro only)
* Camera "nicknaming" ID feature.
* Take single exposure with settings dialog.
* Animated umbral shadow with mouse-over duration info, to instantly see how long the eclipse is at each point on the map.
* "Simulated second contact" option.
* "View Exposure Sequence" option.
* "View Log" option.
* Local circumstances table.
* Calculation and display of eclipse local circumstances, with capability to reference camera script items to eclipse events ("5 seconds after second contact", "at 50% magnitude", etc.) or use absolute UTC date/times. See screenshot of advanced timing options.
* Refraction, limb effects, and delta-T correction supported. UTC event times for subsecond accuracy.
* Manual entry or override of computed contact times if needed.
* Easy adjustment of computer clock: a static offset correction can be entered if no GPS is connected.
* Simulated time support (fudges clock without affecting Windows system time) to allow easy rehearsal.
* Simulated Sun image and large event countdown display.
* Color coded duration map indicates where to move to increase your eclipse duration.
* Upcoming script item display.
* F1-F4 keys fire camera shutters
* Support for easily-launched "emergency" script to adapt to cloud openings.

Hardware control/interfacing features:
* Scripted control Canon or Nikon DSLRs (see supported camera list) over USB/1394 connection, with full control of shutter, aperture, ISO, and file type/quality. Images are stored to the camera's memory card, not the computer.
* Control of multiple cameras possible, see restrictions. (Pro only)
* Serial port cable support for high speed shooting on a USB/Firewire connected camera (Pro only). Using this cable (not included) up 2-5 seconds of delay time can be saved. Typical speeds using the cable can be 2-8 frames per second.
* Powered, inverted and Nikon IR shutter cables supported (Pro only).
* Scripted shutter press control (via serial port cable) (Pro only). Powered or non-powered serial RTS, DTR and dual type cables supported.
* Mirror lock up support (requires serial port cable) to reduce mirror slap vibration (Pro only). The exposure is set (if applicable), the shutter button is pressed to lock up the mirror, a wait is performed, and then the shutter is pressed again to actually capture the exposure. Wait times adjustable per exposure.
* Scripted playback of self recorded *.wav sound files for reminders as desired, such as "filters off!". Please be considerate of others when using this feature.
* Neilsen-Kellerman Kestrel 4000 (with Kestrel Interface) weather tracker support, for scheduled memory downloads and near-real-time graphing (Pro only).
* Serial port NMEA 0183 GPS support for position and time information. Highly stable timing via 1 pulse per second signal when specially cabled Garmin GPS18(x)-LVC used (Pro only).
* Can send scripted arbitrary byte sequences over serial ports (up to 128 bytes long) (Pro only). With proper converters, cabling, and programming this can be used to slew a motorized telescope, or zoom a video camera in and out, etc.
* Can execute scripted command line action, to launch an external program or command at a specific time

• Windows XP or Vista with minimum 800x480 screen. 640x480 is usable but awkward.
• USB or 1394/Firewire port for Canon DSLR (optional).
• For high speed shooting, Pro version plus Serial port and serial-to-camera shutter cable (not included) is required. USB to serial converters are OK and multiple ones can be used, via a USB hub if necessary.
• USB/1394-connected camera must be set so "Auto Power Off" feature is disabled, and lens must be set for manual focus.
• For utmost timing accuracy, observing site latitude/longitude should be known to within ~200m, and computer clock should be set to within ~0.5s, which requires a GPS measurement on eclipse day.
• Optional connected GPS: minimum required NMEA sentences: GPGGA and GPRMC. Optional sentences: GPGSV, PGRME, PGRMF, and PGRMT.

Изменения в Eclipse Orchestrator Pro v3.1.2:
* Support Canon EOS 7D, 1D Mark IV.
* Add Watts limb profile for 2010 ASE.
* Add Set Exposure and Take Picture features to Live View menu.
* Fix GPS decoding problem.
* Fix configuration corruption on computers with large number of serial ports.

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