Isow's MultiBoot DVD v0 6 0

Isow's MultiBoot DVD v0 6 0

Isow's MultiBoot это набор утилит по ремонту, восстановлению и диагностики PC, предназначены для запуска с загрузочного DVD или USB. Конечной целью является полные,мощные, надежные ресурсы для ремонта как Windows так и Linux ПК.

-- Hiren's BootCD: live DOS environment containing partition and data, MBR, BIOS, and recovery tools, benchmarks, disk cloners and images, and much more
-- Hiren's MiniXP: live XP environment containing AV, anti-malware, and other utilities
-- VistaPE: live Vista environment containing Vista Recovery Environment, GeekSquad MRI, AV, data recovery, VNC, putty, and more
-- Windows XP Pro: stripped down install disk, primarily for recovery console or repair installs.
-- Acronis True Image Echo Server: disk imaging, disaster recovery, and backups.
-- Memtest86+: the standard in memory testing
-- PC-Check: the most comprehensive single hardware tester available
-- NTLDR repair: boot XP machines with 'NTLDR missing' error
-- GOBACK Removal Tool: remove norton GOBACK
-- SAW Linux: modification of the BackTrack4 Linux liveCD that comes with a full suite of security auditing tools as well as AV, data recovery, hardrive diagnostics, and more.

v 0.6.0 Release Notes
Hiren's BootCD
-- Updated to 9.8

Hiren's MiniXP
-- Updated to 9.8

Windows XP Pro
-- Now using Windows XP Pro Performance Edition (April v2)

-- Removed all non-repair related installers
-- Now using "Computer Repair Utility Kit V2" with additions of my own
-- New launcher autorun can launch WinApps, Hiren's WinTools, and GeekSquad MRI

-- Now based on BackTrack4 instead of Slax
-- Full suite of security auditing tools, courtesy of BackTrack
-- Removed dvddisaster backup tool
-- konversation replaced with xchat
-- All scripts removed, launchers now output help data and drop to terminal
-- Wine is now the latest stable release
-- myrescue, photorec, scrounge-ntfs, gsmartcontrol, testdisk, dares-qt, and mondo added
-- All AV except clamav and Avast! removed
-- Changes from BT4 beta
+++ apt-get upgrade run to bring all packages up-to-date
+++ KDE breaks on update, this has been fixed
+++ X, networking, xrandrtray, and kmix all start on login
+++ link to Nikto binary fixed
+++ Installed rescue oriented programs and added to menu
+++ Changed theme and artwork
-- New artwork for main menu

Размер: 2.28 Gb
Язык: английский
Таблетка: не требуется
Контрольные суммы
MD5 66703D222DA6A4F08052C3EFD09AFA64
SHA-1 F06B411D21770E7EBDCFE93A606710B36EEA132D
CRC32 F1D79B98

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