Raduga 3.9.6

Raduga 3.9.6

Программа Raduga - отвечает стандартам радиоавтоматизации. Это ПО для всех коммерческих Станций, LPFM, Part-15, интернет радио, клубов. Радуга - это программа, которая автоматизирует радиовещание. Радуга позволяет создавать плейлисты простым перемещением файлов из окна "Проводника" в главное окно Радуги. Вы можете изменять порядок проигрывания треков, перетаскивая их мышкой. Как только плейлист составлен, можно выходить в эфир! Просто нажмите кнопку 'Воспроизведение' - и Вы в эфире! Благодаря Live365, названия песен, воспроизводимых Радугой, будут выводиться на веб-страницу.

Удобная в использовании программа для создания списков воспроизведений музыкальных файлов. Особенно может пригодиться в работе радиостанций. Простым перетягиванием файлов или папок с музыкой на окно программы и легко переставив файлы в требуемом порядке звучания, получаем готовый список воспроизведения. В дальнейшем его можно как угодно редактировать.

Raduga is a cost effective and reliable Radio Presentation and Automation Software which allows the replay of audio (and now video) tracks, jingles and promos in a broadcasting environment. Raduga can be used as a continuous free standing automation system, complete with songs, IDs, promos, even a satellite feed on schedule - in example "Comradsat", the Australian Community Satellite Service provided by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia. Raduga can also be used for the replay of selected tracks whilst on air; these can be stored on a server, a local machine or an external USB drive. Goodbye tape loops, CD stackers, carts, and minidisks!

You create playlists simply by dragging files from the Windows Explorer inbuilt into Raduga or from any mapped drives setup on your desktop into the Playlist Window. You can "drag and drop" IDs and promos on the fly. You can rearrange tracks by dragging them with the mouse from one position to another. You can select and set fade and overlap between tracks. All it takes is to drag a few tracks into the playlist, open the Raduga fader on your console, and press the play button. You are on air. That's it.

Raduga now supports all popular formats of video with the same ease as you've experienced with our audio only versions. As to what kind of video formats it can play, there is one simple answer. If Windows Media Player can play it, so can Raduga 3.9.6! It's so easy to set up. Simply install two separate video cards in your system (the output video card to the secondary monitor must have an S-Video output jack), fire up your PC and place Raduga Software in the Master monitor. The first time you play a video a small video window will appear on your screen. Simply drag it over to the secondary monitor and double-click its center. The video window will appear full screen and stay that way. In between videos, the background will stay black. You control the output video monitor window via Raduga from the master screen. Composite video output available via the S-Video output jack and a composite adaptor that usually comes with most video cards. That's it!

Raduga 3.9.6 gives you more flexibility in the studio (Live Assist) or when setting up a fully automated radio shows.

New in Version 3.9.6
- Online Registration Bug Fixed
- Bugfix: Overlap with a previous audio file, video will not automatically close
- Windows Vista style menus when running on Windows Vista
- Windows Vista style Explorer tree
- Full screen video as a licensable additional feature
- Deactivate Playlist/Insert Jingle... if jingles are disabled by license
- Includes Juke 4.0
- New keyboard shortcuts for Play Event (Shift+P), Skip Event (Shift+N), Edit Jingles (J)
- Password protections for the Enable Events and Skip Events buttons
- Support for continuous full-screen video playback and multiple monitors
- Fixed default Mixer application on Windows Vista
- Windows 98/ME are no longer supported

Год выпуска / Release year: 2010
Сайт / Homepage: http://www.raduga.net/raduga.htm
ОС / OS: XP/2000/Vista
Язык / Language: Английский (English)
Лекарство / Activation/Crack/Serial/etc: присутствует / present
Размер / Size: 2.34 Mb

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