Multi-Timer Ultimate v3.00

Multi-Timer Ultimate v3.00

Multi-Timer Ultimate - программа, представляющая из себя мощный таймер для операционных систем Windows. С помощью этой программы вы можете установить несколько таймеров, каждый из которых можно настроить индивидуально. Отсчет времени может быть в направлении подсчета секунд и в обратном направлении, при этом вам нужно указать время отсчета в настройках таймера. Вы сможете изменять цвета, устанавливать звуковое оповещение в форматах MP3, MIDI, WAV и WMA, включая настройку уровня звука, периодичность, например, каждый день или каждый понедельник, а также устанавливать конкретую дату, от начала которой будет запущен отсчет времени. Программа имеет простой и понятный пользовательский интерфейс, а также легкие и понятные настройки таймеров и самой программы.

Feature Summary:
• Virtually unlimited timers in a clear and neat flow layout interface (add 1, 5 or 10 timers at once)
• Drag and Drop support - timers can be moved within the array by drag & drop
• Each timer can be set up to count up, count down or work in alarm clock mode
• Timers can be paused and resumed later, even after program shutdown
• Optional Auto-Resume on program start - launches every timer which has been interrupted
• Scientific-use accuracy! Multi-Timer Ultimate features a display accuracy of 1 second or (optional) 1/10 second, but a calculation accuracy of better than 1/00,000 (10-6) seconds internally (even on interrupted use). Time spans are calculated from the start time and the current time, which guarantees the highest accuracy
• Counts up to (or down from) 1000 hours (over 41 days)
• Alarms can go off at a specified date, daily, on working days (Monday - Friday) or on a specified day of the week
• Background color (for each timer separately) and display (LED style) colors can be changed (several presets are included); changeable wallpaper / background image / color for the window background
• Hidden (system tray) mode
• Each timer has a short, changeable title and a text field for unlimited notes
• Optional Miniatur mode for the timer controls, to save screen space
• Timers can be started, stopped and reset single, complete or in groups
• Start time, stop time, total elapsed time and percentage of elapsed time is displayed in an integrated, sortable list (table)
• The list can be used to control the timers with the context menu, single or in groups
• Print the list (table) or export it to an Excel spreadsheet
• 12 hour / 24 hour (military time) display support and country specific date formatting
• Optional sound signal on alarm - plays any sound file in wav, mp3 or wma format and you can set the sound file and the volume for each timer individually, if you like
• Extremely efficient programming, to guarantee the highest possible accuracy under all operating circumstances and the smallest processor load, even when many timers are operated
• Run-out timers are handled correctly, when the program is started or the computer is woken up from hibernation, after the timer was supposed to run out
• Easy to use and to configure: You probably won't need the help files at all - all the bells and whistles if you like, but still intuitive and simple! It's not only a tool - it's also a toy!
• Ready for Windows 7
• Excellent program stablilty and accuracy.

Lots of improvements, see the help file for details. Flicker-free list view. Cloning function. Change colors for groups of timers. Three selectable layout styles. Event list for Stop Watch timers, for all start / stop / lap events. Speaking function for the timer title. "Run during Shutdown" function (keeps counting the time while the program is not running). Global hotkeys. Export / import function for timer configurations.

The free system library Microsoft .Net Framework 4 (Client Profile) Package is required to install this program.

Год выпуска: 2012
ОС: Windows 7 / Vista / XP (32/64)
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Лекарство: Присутствует (Keygen-Lz0)
Размер: 2 Мб

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