Moblin 2.1 [i386] (1xCD)

Moblin 2.1 [i386] (1xCD)

Moblin оптимизирован под использование на устройствах использующих процессоры Intel Atom. Например, имеется поддержка таких популярных субноутбуков как Acer AspireOne и Asus eeePC 901.

Название: Moblin
Версия: 2.1
Последняя Версия программы: 2.1
Архитектура: i386
Тип дисков: CD
Лечение: не требуется
Размер: 754 Мб

Moblin 2.1 в отличии от предыдущих версий ориентирован на использование на КПК: добавлена поддержка сенсорных дисплеев, реализованы средства для управления через экранные жесты. Отныне есть поддержка 3G модемов и bluetooth, что очень важно для портативных компьютеров, заметно улучшена работа менеджера настройки сетевых соединений (ConnMan теперь поддерживает настройку Ethernet, WiFi, WiMAX и 3G).

Moblin 2.1 имеет 12 локализаций, но к сожалению русской локализации пока нет.

Сумма md5:
b134405b45825f8ece3fbf57d1fc2c36 moblin-2.1.img


I'm sure you've heard the news: Moblin and maemo are merging! We are taking the best pieces from these two open source projects and are creating the MeeGo software platform. Both teams have worked for a long time to support the needs of the mobile user experience - and MeeGo will make this even better. We want it to be fun, focused, flexible, technically challenging, and ultimately, something that can change the world.

We all use mobile devices every day. The power and capability of handhelds has reached astounding levels - netbooks have been a runaway success - and connected TVs, tablets, in-vehicle infotainment, and media phones are fast growing new markets for devices with unheard of performance. Our goal is to develop the best software to go with these devices. The teams behind maemo and Moblin have plenty of experience and even more ideas on how to make things better - and together we will create something special.

So what does this mean for Moblin and its community? It's a huge opportunity. There are some changes (and those are always scary), but I think they are all for the better. Things will quickly shift to the new site, but from a technology point of view, migrations should be smooth. Especially if you are an application developer; everything you have done so far should continue to work - and with Qt and its development environment there are even more and easier options available to develop new and exciting apps for MeeGo.

The MeeGo website is still evolving - you'll run into a few "coming soon" pages as we pull all the content together and get things ready for our first project release in the second quarter. But there's already a lot to see - and a community to join! Please take a look - and come back often as we approach that first release.

We really want to hear from you. Be in on IRC, on our developer mailing list, or through bugzilla. MeeGo is an open project and it will be successful through its developer community. It's my personal goal to make sure that we can all together be successful. And have fun.

I invite you to join us at

Imad Sousou

Director of Intel’s Open Source Technology Center
(and now also co-chair of the MeeGo steering group)


Moblin 2.1 [i386] (1xCD) Moblin 2.1 [i386] (1xCD) Moblin 2.1 [i386] (1xCD)

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