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Fasttrack Schedule 10.0.1 Build 5000

Fasttrack Schedule 10.0.1 Build 5000

FastTrack Schedule – мощный и простой в использовании инструмент, позволяющий планировать, вести проекты, визуализировать цели проекта. Приложение будет полезно как начинающим, так и опытным менеджерам проектов, призвано помочь командам разработчиков эффективно и успешно осуществлять управление своими проектами.

New Features:

New Windows Interface with Custom Themes:
With the sleek new Ribbon interface, all tools are organized into task-focused groups right at your fingertips to speed your scheduling. Prefer a traditional menu-based interface? No problem. Simply switch to a classic theme or add classic toolbars to the Ribbon to create a workspace that matches the way you work best.

Base Calendars and Work Calendars:
Choose Base Calendars such as standard, 24 hour, and night shift calendars, or customize your own. The new Base Calendars and improved Work Calendars can now be defined per task, so that your projects can have an unlimited number of Work Calendars for all your unique calendaring requirements.

Effort-Driven Scheduling:
For tasks that can be completed faster by adding more resources, use Effort-Driven Scheduling for simple schedule compression. Automatically adjust task durations as resources are added or subtracted, while keeping the total work for a task constant.

Assignment Contouring:
Choose from eight built-in work contours or customize your own for the ultimate ease and flexibility in resource scheduling. Assignment contouring enables you to quickly re-distribute your resources' efforts on a task for those special cases and must-meet deadlines.

Work Usage Inspector:
Now it's easier than ever to monitor resource workloads while making assignments in the Schedule View. The new Work Usage Inspector displays Resource Usage Graphs at the base of the Gantt chart to provide a detailed snapshot of a resource's free and busy time, enabling you to make precise assignments and effectively manage resource costs.

Image Columns:
With FastTrack Schedule's new Image Columns, you can add pictures of task items, staff, resources, designs, progress photos, and more, directly into column cells. Images automatically scale as thumbnails to match row heights and display as larger images when you hover over them.

New Bar Styles and Gradients:
Make your schedules as impressive as the work involved in your projects. New bar styles, milestones, and gradients transform an ordinary schedule into a presentation-quality project report that's sure to make an impact, especially with clients and colleagues.

Getting Started Screen:
Launch FastTrack Schedule and you’ll have instant access to everything you need to get started quickly including templates, your schedules, and online resources including video tutorials—all in one central place.

Enhanced Resource Information Form:
Now you can store even more details for your project’s resources. FastTrack Schedule’s redesigned Resource Information Form organizes work schedules, rates, contact information, and photos.

Fixed Duration Scheduling:
For tasks that require a specific amount of time to complete, apply fixed duration. FastTrack Schedule will constrain the duration regardless of changes to the work or resources assigned to the task.

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