Setup Factory

Setup Factory

Setup Factory - быстрый и удобный в использовании инструмент для создания инсталляционных пакетов. В отличие от других подобных программ, он не требует долгого изучения. Программа создает компактный установочный файл, который запускается в любой версии Windows от 95 до Vista, и прекрасно подходит для распространения через сетевую закачку, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM и LAN. Функция Project Wizard поможет за несколько минут совершить все необходимые операции. Хотите ли вы создать ярлыки на рабочем столе и стартовом меню, или настроить деинсталлятор в панели управления - всего несколько нажатий клавиш, и результат налицо. То же относится к добавлению модулей периода работы третьей стороны, с поддержкой для Visual Basic, .NET и многого другого

Setup Factory is the result of over a decade of experience in creating software installation tools. Unlike other installer builders that require week-long training courses in order to get up to speed, Setup Factory was designed to be fast and easy to use. By pairing a visual layout of your software's files and folders with a point-and-click interface, the entire process becomes completely logical and absolutely painless. What's more, Setup Factory creates a compact, single-file setup.exe that runs on any version of Windows from 95 to Vista and is perfect for distribution by web download, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and LAN. With Setup Factory, you simply drag and drop your files onto the project window, and click on the publish button. That's it. It's really that simple. You'll be up and running in minutes. The Project Wizard can even walk you through it. Whether you want to create shortcut icons on the desktop and start menu, or configure an uninstaller in the control panel's Add/Remove Programs panel, it's all just a few clicks away. The same thing goes for adding in third-party runtime modules, with support for Visual Basic, .NET and more.

Особенности :
• Установка файлов в любое место;
• Создание компактных одиночных файлов установки;
• Простой в использовании Мастер действий;
• Создание гибкого деинсталлятора;
• Создание файла установки с проверкой системных требований;
• Поддержка файлов размером более 2Гб;
• Функции ввода серийных номеров, безопасности и доступа;
• Поддержка новйеших технологий - .NET 3.0,.NET 3.5,SQL Server 2005, Visual C++ 2008 и Windows Installer 3.1 v2;
• Мультиязычная поддержка;
• Поддержка алгоритма сжатия данных LZMA;
• Автоматическое подписывание Authenticode;
• Использование тем и скинов;
• Редактор диалоговых окон;
• Опции настройки фона окон;
• Возможность добавления своей иконки и редактирования информации о версии файла, компании-разработчике и .т.д.;
• Мощный скриптовый движек;
• Обширная библиотека действий;
• Цветная подсветка синтаксиса в редакторе действий;
• Автономный редактор сценариев;
• Расширенная библиотека;
• Обширная библиотека действий MSI;
• Расширение с использованием различных плагинов;
• Поддержка обработки ошибок;
• Более 360 различных сценариев;
• Встроенная проверка орфографии;
• Ведение отчетов и логов;
• Возможность создания "тихой" установки;
• Сканирование проекта Visual Basic;
• Возможность создания автоматической установки;
• Созданные файлы установки будут работать на всех версиях Windows от 95 до Vista и 7;
• Поддержка 64-битных версий Windows.

What's New in Setup Factory 9?
NEW! Native 64-Bit Runtime
As development of native 64-bit applications continue to grow, take comfort in the fact that Setup Factory has you covered for your distribution needs. Setup Factory now allows you to generate 64-bit setups in addition to 32-bit. Whether you have 64-bit applications ready to go, or just want to be prepared for the future, Setup Factory will be ready and waiting to make your life easier.
NEW! LZMA2 Data Compression
With Setup Factory 9's improved LZMA data compression LZMA2, you'll see remarkably smaller installers as well as faster installation performance than ever before. Take advantage of the power of modern CPUs with its enhanced multithreading support. Compared to previous versions, our test results show up to 300% better compression performance and at least 20% faster installation speed. You'll be able to fit more on each CD/DVD (that’s a potentially huge manufacturing cost savings) and reduce your bandwidth for Internet distributed installers (that saves both you and your customers time and money). Additionally, customers will notice that your installers finish faster - and that means happier customers!
NEW! Faster Building
Every second counts when it comes to development time. Significant improvements have been made to Setup Factory 9's build process meaning that you'll spend less time building and more time developing.
NEW! Faster & More Powerful Lua 5.1 Scripting Engine
Setup Factory's scripting engine is now faster, more powerful and much more extensible. The Lua 5.1 system features incremental garbage collection, new mechanism for varargs, new syntax for long strings and comments, mod and length operators, metatables for all types and a fully reentrant parser.
NEW! Plugin SDK v2
Action Plugins are one of the best features of Setup Factory. They allow 3rd party software developers to extend and expand the product in an extremely integrated and seamless fashion. By simply dropping a plugin into your project, you can easily save yourself hours of work and add significant functionality to your setup. The great news is that with Setup Factory, plugin developers can now fully leverage the advantages of the Lua 5.1 language. The Plugin SDK v2 is available for free download on the website.
NEW! Billboard Screen Control
The new billboard control allows you to incorporate billboards or static images on your custom screens and custom progress screens. Billboards can be used to show both single images, and image slideshows at any point in the setup, even while installing or uninstalling files.
NEW! Custom Progress Screen
Previous progress screen types limited the types of controls you could add. The new custom progress screen gives you the freedom to design your own progress screen with any type or number of controls you wish.
NEW! Custom Screen Size
If screen real estate is important, no need to worry! Setup Factory now allows you to create screens of any size through its enhanced theme settings. Screen sizes can be controlled project-wide through it's theme, or overridden on a per-screen basis.
NEW! Setup Styles / Skinning
Setup Factory 9 gives you the freedom to create setups that look exactly the way you want. Perhaps you prefer that your setups take on the same appearance as the operating system (e.g. Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 Aero)? Or perhaps you'd like to simply make use of the hundreds of ready-to-use MSSTYLES themes (like OS/X Tiger and Panther) that you can download on the Internet? In any case, Setup Factory makes it possible – and easy!
NEW! Set File / Folder Permissions
A powerful new action named "File.SetPermissions" allows you to set the user access permissions of any file or folder on the user's system.
NEW! Enhanced Build Configurations
Building multiple installs from one Setup Factory project has become even easier in Setup Factory 9 with the addition of Dependency Modules and Plugins to build configurations. This helps to make developing 32-bit and 64-bit installations within the same project file a breeze.
NEW! Improved Add Files Dialog
We've improved the Add Files dialog on Windows Vista and Windows 7 to give you the options that you would expect on those operating systems, including the search option and your favorite links.
NEW! Latest Technologies Runtime Dependency Modules
In addition to the classic modules like Visual Basic 5.0/6.0, – Setup Factory now includes easy-to-use runtime dependency modules in both 32-bit and 64-bit for the newest and most popular technologies like .NET 4, Visual C++ 2010 and Windows Installer 4.5.
NEW! 100% Import of Setup Factory 7.0 / 8.0 Projects
Upgrading to Setup Factory 9 is almost completely hassle-free. Simply open up your Setup Factory 7.0 / 8.0 project files and continue development. See the Changes to Setup Factory topic in the help file for information about minor changes that may be required. - February 2, 2011 :
Fix: Updated the IRScriptEditor to version 2.0.1000 which contains Lua 5.1 syntax checking.
Fix: Fixed a bug where the DlgListBox.GetItemProperties action could not retrieve the ItemData properly.
Fix: Fixed a bug where the ComboBox control could lose it's item data leaving a screen and then returning to it.
Fix: Added syntax support to the code editor for new Lua 5.1 operators.

Платформа: Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7
Интерфейс: English
Лекарство: Присутствует

Размер / Size: 58.29 Mb
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