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E-on Vue 9 xStream 9.00-04 9005248

E-on Vue 9 xStream 9.00-04 9005248

E-on Vue 9 xStream - профессиональная программа для моделирования ландшафтов, анимации и визуализации естественных трехмерных сред, имеет модули интеграции с программами 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, LightWave, Maya и Softimage. Vue 9 xStream разработан для CG профессионалов, позволяет создавать и редактировать любые сцены и предоставляет множество неповторимых возможностей для создания пейзажа.

Год Выпуска: 2010
Версия: 9.00-04 Build 9005248
Разработчик: E-on software
Разрядность: 32bit + 64bit
Совместимость с Vista: полная
Совместимость с Windows 7: полная
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Таблэтка: Имеется
Размер: 2.97 Гб

Любая сцена может быть загружена непосредственно в Вашу любимую программу, включая полностью всю экосистему, все типы атмосфер, камер, освещения, растений, ландшафтов и др. Так как некоторые элементы являются особенными (например, экосистема), xStream использует OpenGL технологию для отображения их более четко и быстро. Вы можете выбирать включать эту опцию или изменить разрешение экрана для увеличения скорости загрузки больших сцен. Автономные сцены, созданные в xStream, сохраняются в vue формате, объединенные сцены сохраняются в родном формате 3D-приложения, или могут быть разделены на формат 3D приложения и vue формат. В последней случае родная сцена в 3D-приложении будет ссылаться на vue сцену.

Что нового:
* EcoSystem 4;
* HyperBlob Technology;
* Rocky Mountains Fractal;
* Terrain Retopology;
* Improved Terrain Editor;
* Relighting;
* Inverse Kinematics;
* Custom Interfaces New Interface Design;
* Auto Saving and Scene Snapshots;
* Interactive Network Rendering;
* Native Cocoa;
* HDR Multi-Pass Rendering;
* Real-World Units;
* Catmull-Clark Subdivision;
* Improved Texture Management.

Что в обновлении:
Integration plug-ins:
Maya Fixed potential crash when leaving the Terrain Editor.
xStream Plugins Fixed crash we the user closes the Vue scene while the Object Properties dialog is open.
3ds Max Added plugins for V-Ray 2.0 for 3DS Max. (Standalone plugins installers are required to install the new plugins)
3ds Max Fixed a possible slowdown when brushing EcoSystes in complex scenes.
Maya Fixed a crash when the user deletes the VueScene object from Maya's outliner
Maya Avoid losing all Vue objects when saving the xStream options.
Maya Fixed a bug when modifying the selection.
LightWave Avoid resetting Vue camera's initial resolution when the corresponding option is not checked
LightWave 10.0 Fixed compatibility with LightWave 10 newest build (2040).
LightWave 10.0 Fixed a dead-lock induced by xStream when one starts a VPR render in LightWave 10
C4D Fixed Multipass files generated by Vue when Cinema4D uses Anti-aliasing but a low sampling quality.
Stream Plugins Fixed a possible crash at the end of MentalRay's prepass, when xStream itself is using GI or GR.
xStream plugins Fixed artifacts on procedural terrains in scenes using reflections or refractions.
xStream plugins VRay - fixed an infinite recursion when the scene uses a VRay panoramic camera with a fov of 180°.
xStream plugins versioning: added a warning when loading an xStream scene created with an older version of the plugin.
Fixed a possible UV issue in OpenGL on parametric terrains.
Aspect Ratio Lock button now remembers its states in Render Options dialog (it always reverted to open).
Fixed a possible bug in the external dependency node interface where dependency parameter value could be reset.
Fixed a possible crash in LOOP Subdivision algorithm, with some very particular meshes.
Fixed the display of bitmap previews in the material editor, when the image has alpha.
Fixed a random degradation of displacement mapping quality on ecosystem specimens.
Fixed several issues leading to wrong & potentially crashing renders with displaced metaball specimens.
Fixed a possible slow down when importing large objects
Fixed a potential crash when hiding metaclouds from render
Fixed the loading of objects containing more than 128 materials
Fixed layer material slope dependency fuzziness.
Fixed some possible memory leaks after closing a scene.
Fixed AddVolumeCloud() python function when used with a MetaCloud file name parameter.
Fixed the removal of one specimen from the Library tab, in World Browser.
Function graphs "Random Constant Node" was not properly randomized when clicking on "Randomize graph".
Fixed the Metaball options dialog where Hyperblob-specific options appeared when selecting only a torus component.
Fixed OpenGL autoconfiguration which created a config file that was not read at first restart.
EcoSystems Fixed the color of instances using a HyperTexture material whose color depends on the instance position.
Fixed a possible crash when moving/scaling/rotating EcoSystem underlying objects.
Fixed user interface display for global transparency, global reflectivity and Fading out values when out of range.
Fixed terrain editor layer resampling
Fixed potential random crashes when using automatic refreshing of material previews.
Fixed potential circular artefacts below water surface in spectral atmosphere mode.
Greatly reduces square-pattern artifacts showing in some specific configurations of Rocky Moutains & Eroded Rocky Mountains.
Fixed potential crash when populating EcoSystems with option "Decay near foreign objects" when the scene contains individual plants.
Fixed missing mixed materials swap icon button in basic material editor.
Improved OpenGL compatibility with old graphics card.
Fixed potential crash at render time when creating boolean operations involving infinite planes.
Component intensity changes were badly accounted for by displaced metablobs as well as hyperblobs caching their baked mesh.
Fixed randomly occurring OpenGL preview inconsistencies when leaving Metaball and Hyperblob options dialogs through "OK" or "Cancel".
Fixed compatibility problem on plant and reference textures.
Fixed artifacts on some procedural terrains using 3D displacement but no Displacement Mapping.
Fixed a memory leak on MacOS.
Cocoa Set menu name to application name.
Floating licenses Fixed a possible problem of the license server value being reset to 100.00 when editing the config files.
Floating licenses Added an information message when no license is retrieved.
External Renderer Improved overall stability.

Доп. информация:
Работает без таблэтки, но устанавливать надо как Render Node, обычные картинки рендера с водяными знаками, но при выборе "Render to disk" без них, как было в 8 версии сначала.


E-on Vue 9 xStream 9.00-04 9005248 E-on Vue 9 xStream 9.00-04 9005248

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Eon Vue 9 xStream - профессиональная программа для моделирования ландшафтов, анимации и визуализации естественных трехмерных сред, имеет модули

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