Opera 11.00 Build 1128 Beta

Opera 11.00 Build 1128 Beta

Новая версия знаменитого браузера.Новые расширения, улучшенные вкладки в связке с набором уникальных решений - нацельтесь на одиннадцать с самым быстрым браузером на планете.

Список изменений:
Рабочий стол
DSK-213883 (Crash on opening address bar drop down)
DSK-277548 (No backups of session files (autosave.win))
DSK-310856 (Geolocation prompt "share my location" must be greyed out when first appearing and switching tabs)
DSK-311596 (First scroll event being sent to window instead of scrollable area)
DSK-314858 (Fix ugly thumbnails on hover and in tab cycler)
DSK-315799 (opera:style/media.css is missing in desktop)
DSK-320129 (Extensis Web Font service doesn't work in Opera)
DSK-318976 (Creating a custom search engine with URL's that include a '#')
DSK-320177 (Tab group hidden by closing inactive top tab)
DSK-318833 (Extending a second group compresses the 1st group)
DSK-319018 (Tab group can vanish if you delete active tab from call out)
DSK-319690 (Help balloon for pinned tab pointing the wrong way)
DSK-318744 (Open new tabs within stack): Links opened in foreground or background opens in the same groups as the parent tab, or a new group if one doesn't exist. Will use the "Open new tab next to active" when deciding the position in the group.
Improvements to tab ordering
Active tab is not hidden when collapsing a stack
Handle opening new tabs in background and foreground using short cuts too
Fixed some crashes received from automated crash logging

DSK-315090 (Web page opened in popup goes to browser history)
DSK-315092 (Scrolling popup content scrolls browser's tab as well)
DSK-316133 (Extension description field does not expand to display the full extension description)
DSK-316682 (Ensure the extension toolbar is visible)
DSK-317879 (Crash after extensions tries to access web in offline mode)
DSK-318074 (Popup reloads on badge update)
DSK-318154 (No notification displayed if one of extensions' update failed)
DSK-318308 (Extension with description containing lot of spaces displays only ... in manager)
DSK-318327 (trusted_repositories.ini isn't updated with new entries)
DSK-318923 (Wrong icon is displayed in install notification if installing extension 2nd time)
DSK-319227 (Install errors from deb package)
DSK-319442 (Addressbar is inaccessible in extensions option page)
DSK-319517 (Some extensions don't display access info)
DSK-319660 (Disabled extension name and author should be grayed out)
DSK-319782 (Ghost buttons of uninstalled extensions)
DSK-320000 (Preferences... option missing on extension button context menu)
DSK-320018 (Crash in WidgetLauncher on mac for Application mode widgets)
DSK-320059 (Cmd+m shortcut hides widget permanently)
DSK-320154 (Crash when disabling extension)
DSK-320192 (Version is displayed as part of name in extension manager)
DSK-320221 (Opera crashes after closing pinned options page for disabled extension)
DSK-320501 (Preferences in private mode are saved right after changing option)
DSK-320627 (Extension installation dialog changes)
DSK-318004 (Implement text wrapping in install notifications)
DSK-320503 (Opera crashes after changing privacy settings of uninstalled extension)
DSK-320782 (Version clips name in extension manager)
DSK-320795 (Long string overlaps the disable button in extension manager)
DSK-320895 (Redesign auto-update notification)
Remove invalid 'gadget' word from add on update preference
Fix for font size of author's name in extension manager
Fix for a lot of issues with layouting ResizeSearchDropdown near ExtensionButtons
Updates for OEX file type and Preferences Dialog
Missing changes in Installer for new OEX type on windows
Update for preferences dialog for OEX file type
Windows: Handling of OEX files from command line and from DDE
Updates for the installer to support OEX files
Options page should not be stored in session
If extension version is the same, we shouldn't update it.

CORE-34485 (http-logger does not produce any events)
CORE-33315 (Extensions: Support debugging of isolated userjs)
CORE-33742 (Tabs created via an extension popup do not share cookies with the browser)
CORE-33876 (javascript bookmarklet does not work)
CORE-34552 (Extension + UserJS blocks page loading)
CORE-34595 (Crash configuring extensions)
CORE-34661 (The background process page of an extension shouldn't be allowed to reload itself or load anything else.)
CORE-34782 (opera.extension.tabs.getFocused() should return null if the tab is not running injected scripts)
CORE-34860 (opera.extension.tabs.create return nothing and crashed Opera.)
CORE-34981 (Opera freezes/crashes with extension throwing error message)
CORE-28636 (Improved HTML5 forms support, including better UI)
CORE-28252 (SVG performance improvements)
CORE-15715 (Inline loading in a widget is not controlled by security settings of runtime and widget)
CORE-25328 (Do not show links to Opera help and Opera support when network problems)
CORE-29093 (Updating of widget needs to provide more informations)
CORE-30255 (Clicking on HTML anchor element with mailto protocol in href attribute has no effect in widget)
CORE-30915 (Fragment identifiers / internal anchors don't work in widgets)
CORE-31951 (http://www.zynaps.com/jslab.xml?id=envmap doesn't render in Opera)
CORE-32085 (Allow navigation of relative URIs inside widget)
CORE-32554 (Pixel lost when paint plugin contents area)
CORE-32783 (Inform the application of xml parsing failures)
CORE-33209 (Opera forces the page to scroll to the left if hovering over menu (unable to access sub menu))
CORE-33725 (Arguments arrays and variable objects are left attached when an execution context is aborted)
CORE-33754 (Opening widget: URIs in new windows and frames)
CORE-33785 (Progress bar is removed despite still loading IFRAMEs)
CORE-33890 (innerHTML that includes a doctype node will output a ">")
CORE-34158 (Focus is not set on an element when there is a scrollbar)
CORE-34270 (TC for scroll and focus fails)

DSK-317389 (Insecure Third Party Module warning when starting Opera (DEP/Data Execution Prevention))
DSK-304130 (Opera Crashes When Holding CTRL+W)
Double clicking on OEX in file system doesn't invoke installation
Real extension icon for windows

DSK-317390 (Associate the Opera document icon with Web archive files)
DSK-319754 (Extender button in Mac is flipped): Left / right arrows are no longer confused
Support for attention states for top tabs and top tab thumbnails on OS X
Improved OS X tab handling for top tabs & tab groups
Fixed jumping behavior on OS X, improved tab grouping backgrounds

DSK-318518 (WebM video on Youtube shows no video on 64bit)
DSK-301547 (Flash with wmode transparent crashes in Widgets)
DSK-302754 (Place input method candidate box in the correct position): doesn't work for fctix
DSK-315408 (When the input method server dies, Opera can crash)
DSK-317102 (Horizontal scrolling with mouse buttons moves through history)
DSK-318723 (Arrows in menus are too big in some Gtk themes)
DSK-319053 (m2: attachment -> open does not work if the filename contains spaces)
DSK-319137 (A visible security info popup can crash Opera when tab/window is closed)
DSK-319151 (We shouldn't auto select the URL string when clicking in the address bar on *nix)
DSK-319211 (Crash when zooming pages with plugins)
DSK-319427 (It is possible to bring up the context menu and gesture animations at the same time on *nix)
DSK-319873 (A dragged folder in the "Places" list starts with "file://localhost" in the X11 File dialog)
New icon for OEX files (scalable SVG only)

Название: Opera
Версия: 11.00 Build 1128 Beta
Разработчик: 11.00 Build 1128 Beta
Сайт разработчика:opera.com
Системные требования: .
Windows XP, Vista, 7
Язык интерфейса: Русский + Английский
Размер: 93,45 Mb

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