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RPN Engineering Calculator v10.1.0

RPN Engineering Calculator v10.1.0

Этот программируемый RPN-калькулятор включает 6 уникальных клавиатур и 15 дискретных калькуляторов для более сложных функций. Отличный выбор для научных руководителей и инженернов. Есть 24 хранения регистров, которые могут быть определены по названию. Существуют функции для преобразования между полярными и прямоугольными координатами. Рассчитывает такие характеристики, как резонансная частота, Закон Ома, параллельный комплекс сопротивления(Зависимость фазы (аргумента комплекса) сопротивления), полиномиальные уравнения, входной и выходной импеданс, и многое другое. Может быть применим для проектирования трансформаторов и индукторов с большим количеством функций. Решает, прямоугольный треугольник, и любой треугольник, звезду, а также вычисляет длину дуги, функции, некоторые гиперболические функции. Преобразует радианы в градусы, часы в минуты...
RPN Engineering Calculator was developed to offer you more than 240 solutions with six unique keypads to choose from. RPN Engineering Calculator has a complete help system with individual tips for all but the most ordinary functions and a Tip of the Day feature for new users. You can select fixed, scientific or engineering notation and degrees, radians, or grads as required. You can save and print the contents of the running tape display.
Standard, Engineering and Trig keypads also have a function to convert between polar and rectangular coordinates. Engineering and Magnetics keypads let you select the units used in many of the functions. Briefly, unique to the 6 keypads are: Standard contains several of the functions found on a normal scientific calculator (log, ln, N!, etc.), and some unique to itself: a simple math teaching aid for kids, Wind Chill calculator, and more. Engineering handles problems like Resonant Frequency, Ohms Law, Parallel Complex Impedances, Polynomial Equations, Impedance of a Ladder Network, and lots more.

Binary is used to manipulate unsigned Binary integers of various lengths (word size) from 4 to 64 bits, about 28 functions are available.

Magnetics eases the design of transformers and inductors with many built in functions unique to magnetic component design.

Trig solves Arc Length, Right Triangle, and any Defined Plane Triangle problems, also computes the trig functions, as well as some hyperbolic functions. Converts Radians to Degrees, and Hours, Minutes, Seconds to Decimal Hours and vice versa.

Convert thousands of conversion possibilities plus more than 40 physical constants.

Following are links to short descriptions of the available functions on each of the eight keypads, Click on the link to view the description..

The Memory Array keypad is used to manipulate the 24 storage registers.

The Program keypad is for running any of your personal programs.

The Standard keypad has many of the standard functions available on most Scientific Calculators, this calculator takes it somewhat further!

The Engineering keypad has several functions to help the engineer.

The Binary keypad is used to manipulate binary integers of any word size from 4 to 64.

Use the Magnetics keypad to calculate various solutions dealing with the design of transformers and inductors.

The Trig Keypad, as might be expected, most of these functions deal with trigonometry.

The final RPN Engineering Calculator™ keypad, the Convert Keypad consists of many different conversions, there is also a Physical Constants ('K') function and a ('val') function that calculates the value of Resistors, Capacitors, and Inductors, based on the color or numeric code on the component.

Some of the functions available while in most keypads are:
(Click the thumbnail to see a full size view of the calculator, use your web browser's Back button to return here.)

View lets you toggle between the standard interface (shown at the right) and the enhanced view, Click for more information. Two other views are available, one that lets you view just the y-register and the other that lets you view the lastx register.

There are many functions that can be accessed using the keyboard, click to see a handy, printable table.

The Cursor keys offer different methods of changing the active Keypad.

Drop - deletes the current value in the x-reg, placing it in the last x register, and Drops the number in the y-register down into the x-register.

xy - exchanges the values in the x and y registers.

Lastx - retrieves the last number that was used in a calculation.

REG - is used to save and recall numbers in the Memory Array, 24 memory registers.

CHS - changes the sign of the mantissa or exponent of the number being entered. (This function is replaced by the Mod function in the Binary Keypad).

RPN Engineering Calculator™ Version 10.1.0
• Additions and Corrections
• Added Date Arithmetic functions to the Standard Keypad ([Now] and [dD8]).
• Rearranged the "Practice Arithmetic" ([p+], etc.) function buttons.
• Corrected problem with the Program KeyPad occasionally not resetting.
• Updated the programming manual.
• Corrected minor problem with [Reset] when the Running Tape Display is not full.

Официальный сайт | Home Page www.j-a-associates.com/rpn_calculator.htm

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