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IconCool File Recovery 2.0 build 100701

IconCool File Recovery 2.0 build 100701

IconCool File Recovery - используя эту простую в обращении программу, вы сможете восстановить файлы, которые были удалены с жесткого диска. Если файлы были удалены из-за вируса, а может случайно или произошел сбой в системе, File Recovery должна помочь вам в любом случае. Является простым в использовании инструментом для восстановления данных приложений. С его помощью можно легко восстановить файлы, удаленные случайно или потерянные в результате аварии на дисках NTFS и FAT32 форматов.

IconCool File Recovery is an easy to use data recovery application. It can help you easily recover your files deleted by accident or lost in Windows crash on drives in NTFS and FAT32 formats. The software convenient you to view and order search results by large icons, small icons, details, name and date etc. Before recovery, you can preview the deleted image files. With the file shredder in it, you can remove files or shred files from your hard drives permanently even without fear they could be recovered.

1.Searches files efficiently
Using IconCool File Recovery, you can easily search and recover the files deleted by mistake or lost in Windows crash. You can choose the drive and the file extensions to search for. All search results will be displayed in the main window. Double-click one of the search results, the file properties can be displayed in a small floating window. You can also use the tree-view tool in the left to find files.

2. Recovers data
Choose files to recover, and path to save recovered files. It is important to avoid writing data to the drive holding the lost data because new data may permanently overwrite the lost data.

3. Finds files efficiently
This function can let you find files of a specific name in search results efficiently. The Find direction can be set to search up or down.

4. Views files conveniently
IconCool File Recovery lets you list search results in large icons, small icons, list, or details, arranges by name, date, condition, size, descending or ascending order.

5.Shreds files completely
Shreds files completely added in the shredder to ensure files can’t be recovered. It supports for adding and shredding multiple files.

О файле:
Год выпуска: 2010
Язык интерфейса: english
Операционная система: Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7
Лекарство: имеется
Размер файла: 3.01 Mb

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