» » » Drumagog5 MacOSX Unpaced (Английский) 2010

Drumagog5 MacOSX Unpaced (Английский) 2010

Drumagog5 MacOSX Unpaced (Английский) 2010

Для тех, кто не в курсе - пятая версия самого популярного драм-риплэйсера. Теперь с поддержкой библиотек от всех популярных инструментов и новым алгоритмом триггирования.

Год выпуска: 2010
Название программы: Drumagog5 MacOSX Unpaced
Версия: 5.0
Разработчик: Wavemachine Labs
Платформа: Intel only
Язык интерфейса: только английский
Таблетка: Присутствует
Системные требования: Operating System: Mac OSX 10.4 or greater.
Audio Host Application: Any VST, RTAS, or AU host including: Pro Tools (version 7 or greater), Logic, Digital Performer, Nuendo, Cubase, SONAR, etc.
Размер: 100 Мб

Подробное описание производителя на Английском:

Say Goodbye To Bad Drums
Drumagog is a real-time audio plug-in that replaces the sound of your recorded drums. Don’t like the sound of your snare? Insert Drumagog on the snare track and choose a new sound; Drumagog automatically plays the new snare in place of the original.

Auto-Align 2.0 and New Triggering Engine
A collaboration between WaveMachine Labs and Fraunhofer (inventors of the MP3 format) has resulted in a revolutionary new alignment algorithm. Drums hits are perfectly aligned and sample accurate. Drumagog now has the most accurate sample alignment algorithm available anywhere. Drumagog's already powerful triggering engine has been improved to more accurately track the most demanding drum tracks. Even complicated rolls and flams are no match for Drumagog 5's new triggering engine.

Room Samples
The Gog sample format has been extended to include room and mic samples: Simply dial in the amount of room desired using the new mixer interface. Up to three room or alternative mic samples can be triggered from a single drum hit. All room and mic samples maintain a phase-lock with each other. Drumagog 5 comes with updated Gog samples to take advantage of this powerful new feature.

Auto Hi-Hat Tracking
Drumagog 5 automatically detects hi-hat pedal position (open/closed) and adjusts the samples accordingly. Hi-hats are now easy to replace, accurate, and faithful to their original articulations.

Plugin Hosting
Open virtual instruments inside Drumagog 5 for unlimited sounds. Plug-ins such as BFD2, Superior Drummer, Kontakt, and more open directly in Drumagog for easy access to a virtually unlimited library of samples.

Convolution Reverb
With adjustable room size, offset, delay and more, Drumagog 5’s reverb comes with a custom IR library and the ability to read standard IR files.

Designed in collaboration with MoReVoX sound designer Sabino Cannone, Morph|Engine reshapes sound with every beat, for mind-blowing effects unmatched by anything else on the market.

Как ставить
Установка проста до безобразия. Монтируем образ, ставим демо, после чего подменяем drumagog5.component и drumagog5.dpm.


Drumagog5 MacOSX Unpaced (Английский) 2010

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