» » Total Commander 8.01 LitePack + PowerPack + ExtremePack 2012.10 Final + Portable

Total Commander 8.01 LitePack + PowerPack + ExtremePack 2012.10 Final + Portable

Total Commander 8.01 LitePack + PowerPack + ExtremePack 2012.10 Final + Portable

Total Commander является самым мощным и стабильным файловым менеджером для Windows, с удобным пользовательским интерфейсом. Total Commander продолжает добрую традицию двух-панельных файловых менеджеров, но отличается повышенным удобством и функциональностью, поддерживает плагины, имеет множество встроенных полезных инструментов.Программа предоставляет функциональные возможности для мультимедиа и графических файлов, распаковка архивов клиента, что позволяет скачивать или закачивать файлы в несколько потоков. Предоставляет множество других функций, необходимых для эффективной работы с. Начиная с версии 7.50, программа имеет встроенную поддержку русского языка.

Key features:
The use of hot keys as in the original DOS
Support drag and drop objects using the Drag-and-Drop
Extended copying, moving, renaming and deleting entire directories
Processing and Image files as folders, subfolders
Command line for the simple starting programs with the specified parameters
Enhanced search function with full-text search in any files between different drives
Built in file viewer (press F3) to view files of any size in HEX, binary or text format
Internal function of extracting ZIP-file without the intervention of external tools
Customizable main menu
Internal unpacking archives ZIP, ARJ, LZH, GZ, TAR, RAR and ACE formats
Internal packer ZIP-archives
Working with network drives and FTP-servers
And many other possibilities
Full Unicode support in most functions where possible, including FTP, built-in ZIP-packer interface and plug-ins
The Help file is now available in the default HTML-format (CHM)
Supports most file operations, file names that exceed 259 characters (up to 1022)
Comparison of files allows you to compare text files of different types, for example, ANSI and UTF-8
Header file panel (the path to the current directory) can act as control the mouse or keyboard navigation bar
Option to display the contents of another toolbar (BAR-file) in a drop-down menu button on the parent panel, instead of switching between panels
Displays the list of FTP-connections icons and hierarchical structure with custom virtual folders
Protecting FTP-saved passwords with a master password using AES256 encryption algorithm
FTP, mode PORT: Ability to specify the external IP-address of the Internet router
Running through the command-line internal viewer, tools for comparing content and directory synchronization without opening the main window of Total Commander
Edited by Ctrl + Z format descript.ion comments now have a maximum length of 4095 characters, and support line breaks
Option to synchronize also empty directories, option to copy only the specified properties file
Added support for checksum in SHA1 format
The ability to use the Windows key for custom keyboard shortcuts
The 64-bit versions of Windows can use 64-bit shell extensions in the context menu
New internal command cm_SwitchX64Redirection, to enable / disable the redirection of calls to the System32 folder on 64-bit Windows
Inner unpacking a multivolume RAR-archives and RAR-archives, where the names of encrypted compressed files
Copying files / folders in a single operation in a few selected directories recipient
Quick search with search dialog: Display button to show only files / directories that match the filter
Switching the character encoding in the internal viewer.
Internal system file associations, for example, using Total Commander with USB flash drive

Composition LitePack | PowerPack | ExtremePack:
Composition LitePack:
AkelPad 4.7.7
Total Commander 8.01
TweakTC 6.03 SR3
Excellence 1.20
IEView 1.9.4
Imagine 1.0.9
ListDOC 1.20
Mmedia 2.52

Composition PowerPack:
aBurner 1.0.6
AkelPad 4.7.7
AutoRuns 11.32
DecrypTC 1.2 |
Geek Uninstaller
LC ISO Creator 1.1
Moverator 2.5
Password Cracker 3.94.306
RegFromApp 1.2.2
Sumatra PDF 2.2.6554
Switch Off
System Explorer 3.9.1
Total Commander 8.01
TweakTC 6.03 SR3
Wise Disk Cleaner 7.56.505
Wise Registry Cleaner 7.41.479
3ds Max
AceHelper 0.3.7
AmpView 3.3 Beta 3
Catalog Maker
CHMDir 0.41
Device Manager 1.4
DirSizeCalc 2.20
Excellence 1.20
Exif 2.3
Font 0.09
FileInfo 2.2.1
HTMLView 1.2.6
IECache 1.43
IEView 1.9.4
IMaGinator 2.0
Imagine 1.0.9
InstallExplorer 0.92
ISO 1.78
ListDOC 1.20
MhtUnPack 1.1.1
Mmedia 2.52
MultiArc 1.417
OOoViewer 1.7.2
Registry 5.1
ScrList 1.0
Services 2.5
ShellDetails 1.23
sLister 1.12
TCMediaInfo 0.7.1
tLister 1.20
7-Zip 9.28
ACE 2.04
ARJ 3.10
CAB 0.63
LHA 2.67
RAR 4.22
UC2 3.00
UHA 0.6b

Composition ExtremePack:
AIMP 3.10.1074
Audacity 2.01
BurnAware 5.0.1
Chasys Draw IES 3.70.01
Comodo Dragon
CPU-Z 1.61.3
CrystalDiskInfo 5.0.3
Defraggler 2.10.424
Download Master
DVDSmith Movie Backup 1.0.7
FastStone Image Viewer 4.6
FileZilla 3.5.3
GPU-Z 0.6.3
HxD Hex Editor
HWiNFO32 4.02.1700
HWMonitor 1.19
Koma-Mail 3.8.3
mp3DirectCut 2.16
NetWorx 5.2.3
NSIS 2.47 Dev
OCCT 4.31
PotPlayer 1.5.33948
Recuva 1.43.623
Resource Hacker
R & Q 1121.2
STDU Viewer 1.6.186
TeamViewer 7.0.13989
Universal Extractor
USDownloader (30.07)
VirtualDub 1.10.2
XPTweaker 1.53.80
InstalledCodec 1.25
Internet Maniac 1.2d
Neutron 1.07
PageDefrag 2.32
PuTTY 0.62
Unlocker 1.9.1

Changes in version 2012.10:
* Updated plugin to view graphics Imagine 01.09.1002
* Updated module shadowing processes RegFromApp 1.2.3
* Updated PDF-viewer Sumatra PDF 2.2.6723 in sLister
* Updated Geek Uninstaller uninstall utility to 1.047
* Updated cleaner disc Wise Disk Cleaner to 7.64. 519
* Updated registry cleaner Registry Cleaner 7.51.486 to
* Updated the best Task Manager to System Explorer 3.9.6

The procedure for treatment:
To copy the keys in the program folder

Год: 2012
Язык: русский
Таблетка: присутствует
Размер: 102.49 Mb

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