» » OpenOCR (CuneiForm) 0.1.0 RuS Portable

OpenOCR (CuneiForm) 0.1.0 RuS Portable

OpenOCR (CuneiForm) 0.1.0 RuS Portable

nR - ecaa ccea oecoo pacoaa, oopa oeceae cpoe cooaeceoe peopaoae a oeo epo paec ao, oae, apep, co caepa aca, peape ec ocee pao c eco peaopa.
Ccea pacoaa eco nR peaaea ce, o poc o oep ac, , ae, aoce cpa, ec ooopo .. pao c cceo ocaoo oo cpa c eco caep, aa o, epe ecoo ce B oe oo pea oooao ecoo peaope.
( --...), ( --...) ..
-, ABBYY FineReader!

Paep: 63.74 M
epeca: Pcc
aopa: Windws ll
Oca: www.unifrm.ru
e: Frwr

R uniFrm o:
* cooe aeco pacoaa;
* coa copoc pao;
* pacoaae eco a pcco, aco, ceao pcco-aco, paco, eeo,
paco, caco, aco, eco p (ceo oee 20);
* paoa pee aopaea oca eco oo, a opae, a ae ooe
cpeco po oaoaeco paea;
* pacoaae a o cpp cooc, o ce e oopae ao ce;
* aoaecoe copaee cpa (epo-e e) a oaeo a oe
* ooe copaee ooo cpa;
* oepa aeoo pea capoa pacoaa;
* pocoa cooa epec, cpoee oo o paoe c popao;
* cpoe eco peaop pao c pacoa eco;
* coee oa opae peao pacoaa
OpenOCR (CuneiForm) 0.1.0 RuS Portable

nR - Fr R, whih rvids fst nd high-qulity nvrsin f r dumnts nd ltrni grhi fils,
btind, fr xml, frm snnr r fx, int ditbl txt fr furthr wrk with thm in txt ditrs.

Rgnitin systms nR intndd fr ll ths wh hv ntrd int mutr fxs, bks, nwsrs,
tywrittn gs, th txts f trtis, t. rt th systm nugh t ut g with txt n th snnr, rss
buttn nd within snds yu will gt th finishd rsult in multiurs txt ditr.

R uniFrm this:
* igh qulity rgnitin;
* igh sd;
* Rgnitin f txts in Russin, nglish, mixd Russin-nglish, Ukrinin, Grmn, Frnh, Snish, Itlin, Swdish, nd thrs (vr 20);
* Wrk md vtfrgmnttsii t find blks f txt, tbls nd imgs, s wll s wrful tl fr mnul nd smi-frgmnttin;
* Rgnitin f th tbls f ny strutur nd mlxity, inluding withut dislying th lins f th grid;
* utmti sving f illustrtins (blk nd whit nd lr) nd tbls in th rsulting utut dumnt;
* mlt rsrvtin f th tlgy f th g;
* Surt bth snning nd rgnitin;
* s f us nd intuitiv intrf, built-in hlrs t wrk with th rgrm;
* uilt-in txt ditr fr wrking with th rgnizd txt;
* mbind disly f imgs nd rgnitin rsults.

OpenOCR (CuneiForm) 0.1.0 RuS Portable

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XPLife - popaa peaaea ee epeca Windws X x86 (32-bit), ea eo oo a Vist Svn. Oeo epo XLif

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