» » » Space Pirates and Zombies v.0.9.005 (ENG)

Space Pirates and Zombies v.0.9.005 (ENG)

Space Pirates and Zombies v.0.9.005 (ENG)

Space Pirates and Zombies - неплохой олдскульный космический симулятор с благовидной прогрессивной графикой. В дальнем будущем Территория перевоплотился в свалку опасных отходов, а человек начал колонизацию галактики. Опосля открытия самого ценного всепригодного ресурса стартовали беспорядочные войны - все стремились в центр галактики, на пути к коему сосредоточение "реза" повышалась в разы. В роли космического пирата вам светит смонтировать свой флот и разведать все спрятаны сердца галактики!


Space Pirates and Zombies v.0.9.005 (ENG) Space Pirates and Zombies v.0.9.005 (ENG)

Space Pirates and Zombies v.0.9.005 (ENG) Space Pirates and Zombies v.0.9.005 (ENG)

Особенности игры:

- New resource loading scheme with multi part loading to prevent not responding errors and to increase loading and re-loading speed.
- Added game configuration screen before loading commences
- DirectX compatibility mode for cards with OpenGL issues (is slower, but may resolve some compatibility problems)
- The game now pauses on minimized and on loss of focus
- Full screen toggle on alt-enter (takes about 7 seconds)
- Alt-Tab speed vastly improved
- Rez pickup by beacon that is off screen is fixed
- Mission tuned for difficulty: “The Hijack” (Pandora’s box base defense)
- Lots of spelling/grammar fixes
- Double hammerhead spawn in Big Fish fixed
- Starting up SPAZ a second time while not rebooting machine has a huge initial loading speed increase.
- Large and Huge SRMS are now forward facing
- New tactics panel mouse over info for ships. Shows much more detailed data.
- Loading hint system
- Zombie Hives (the largest stations) have lower health.
- Fixed bribing past the initial Titan gate.
- Now get a FULL refund when refitting a ship at maximum mothership Rez.
- Increased the number of ambient quests in systems
- Increased quest rewards (rez and data) mainly at the top end.
- Made goons easier to recruit (they get spaced less often)
- Fixed empty hull unlock/component unlock callout
- Created a fallback area in Chapter 4 to allow for some mining to re-establish the fleet.
- We allow faction relation improvement through bribing down to the enemy level. So only Hate causes a no bribe situation now.
- No docking with a cascade exploding station
- Destroying any station higher than level 0 will increase your relations with the other faction. (a good way to resolve hate situation with the other faction)
- Fixed using hotkeys to construct ships during mass retreat
- Mining tractor (small one) works like other tractors now and picks up data and goons.
- Reworked the freighters basic design to remove weapons that the player may not have acquired.
- Datacube lifespan increased
- Stopped events from spawning into empty instances you are traveling to as you are in transit. It was a confusing surprise.
- Fixed broken firing on ships with a combination of constant beams and projectiles.
- Accelerated build time when not in combat.
- The basic engine upgrade is always in Proxima now. No more getting stuck with surplus garbage
- Cloaking shielding is MUCH More powerful. It can take a decent amount of punishment before collapsing.
- Drones no longer need to re-arm at the hangar.
- Cloaked drone bays contain as many drones as non cloaked bays
- Drone construction and launch times improved especially with higher level research
- Drone health modifications. Zappers = low, Fighters = med, Bombers = High
- Minimum galaxy size set to 150 stars to prevent overly grindy scenarios.

Информация об игре:

Название: Space Pirates and Zombies
Жанр: Strategy (Real-time) / Arcade / Top-down
Платформа: PC
Создатель: MinMax Games
Издатель: MinMax Games
Язык: Английский
Всё включено
Размер: 123 mb

Cистемные требования:
v Процессор: 2 GHz Processor
v Оперативная память: 1 GB Available System Memory
v Видео-карта: 256 MB 3D DirectX 9 Compatible video card
v Жесткий диск: 250 MB Available Hard Disk Space

Space Pirates and Zombies v.0.9.005 (ENG)

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